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  • Information:

    This is general information about the Gene in question. Most of this information is downloaded automatically from SNPper.

  • SNP Discovery Data:

    The SNP discovery Data section contains information about the gene which is garnered from automated sequencing over a standard set of Coriell Samples used by all PGA's and performed at the University of Arizona Respiratory Science center and using various bioninformatics methods here at the Channing laboratory.

  • Association Study Data:

    The Association Study Data section contains information based on the results of genotyping a select set of SNPs from each gene on a panel of DNA samples from particular sets of cases and control DNAs for association studies.

    This data is similar to the SNP Discovery data, but the nature of the case/control relationship makes it essential to compare these two populations. We also have bioinformatics methods to analyze association study data.

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