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The genogram visualization format is based on a data representation from the GOLD program. This format uses color to allow the viewer to see patterns in the data easily, thus allowing her to digest large amounts of data with only casual inspection.

The InnateImmunity pipeline generates two genogram images by default: one is sorted by the offset of the SNP in the gene, and the other is sorted by the genotype itself (??). In both diagrams, the IDs of the genotype samples are listed down the left side of the diagram, and the IDs (i.e. offsets) of the SNPs are listed along the top. The intersection of a SNP ID and Sample ID is a colored square. Gray indicating that the Sample was a Common Homozygote at this SNP Locus, Blue indicating a Heterozygote, Red indicating a Rare Homozygote, and Yellow indicating Missing Data.

Only one population is shown per diagram. Only SNP with a Minimum Allele Frequency >= 10% are included in the diagram.