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The pbsummaryform allows you to create a custom summary/analysis report of one of your own prettybase files.
  • Indicate the genename
  • Use the "Browse" dialog to locate the Prettybase file of interest on your machine.
  • Specify the summary or analysis you would like to perform
  • Configure the populations. This should be a series of lines, with one population per line. Each population should be a single character, followed by a colon, followed by a decription of the population. If you leave this area blank, all of your samples will be considered as one population; otherwise, samples will be seperated and each population will be analyzed individually.
  • Select the format you would like to receive. Not all formats are available for all reports.
  • Select the minraf
  • Check the download box if you would like to save the results to your machine instead of viewing them in the browser window